• Bob Brooks

Being Rich Through the Lens of God's Economy

I interviewed Tom Corley last week on the Prudent Money Radio Show on the Habits of the Rich. When approached about the interview, my initial thought was that maybe I shouldn’t do the interview. I didn’t want to do a show where it could be interpreted that the most important thing was about getting rich. Nonetheless, I felt led to do the interview because I felt that there was more to it than the title of the book, Rich Habits, would suggest.

A few interesting things came about as a result of the interview. I thought if a Christian could take some of these principles and really apply them through the lens of God’s economy you could create a lot of rich Christians. Oh wait a minute Bob, I thought you were not going to make this about money. No, you have to hear me out. Here were the “take-aways.”

There is God’s Economy and then there is the world's economy

God wants us to see the world differently. There is a big difference in how the world views money and success and how God defines it. For instance, investment is about investing in eternal things. Investment in the world’s economy is the here and now. All of that will vanish and go away. Eternal investments NEVER lose. God wants us to see money through His eyes. That is a totally different perspective.

Rich is defined differently in God’s Economy versus the world’s economy

Rich in spirit is a totally different ballgame than rich in terms of money in a bank account. God wants us to be wealthy through an abundant life. An abundant life is not about a bank account. It is about having everything that God wants for our life. An abundant life might include a multi-million dollar bank account. However, if you had an abundant life as God defines you wouldn’t care if you had a lot of zeros in the bank account.

Habits are a matter of discipline and they matter

The book is about habits. Habits are a result of discipline. Our habits end up defining us. As Thomas points out in the book, it takes a lot of discipline and good habits to become rich. It takes the same when talking about an abundant life God’s way. Think about your habits for a minute. Do they help reinforce your relationship with Christ or subtract from it?

The Bible is the greatest financial book there is

Money is referenced or written about more than any other topic in the Bible. That stat from Crown Financial has always blown me away. Think about all of the other topics that could hold that distinction and it is money. Do you think that God new we would have issues with money? If you want to learn about money in God’s economy (where you are only going to be truly happy) then study what the Bible has to say about money. Tom talked about the importance of spending time reading self-help type books. I can’t think of a better book then the Bible. The Bible adds perspective to money. Proverbs alone is packed full of wisdom concerning money.

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