• Bob Brooks

Beyond the Door - Making Decisions with God’s Money

Imagine walking down a long, narrow hall. You come to a dead end where a choice exists. You could either go left, right, or through this door that lies right in front of you. Moving to the right or the left feels pretty familiar. You can see around the edges of the walls which reduces the uncertainty. Plus, you have traveled these paths enough to be familiar with what lies ahead. You have a greater sense of control.

There is one challenge with taking the right or the left turn. Although the journey differs each time, you still end up back at the same place. It is one circular journey which places you at the same destination as if you never left. You always end right back at the front of that door.

Since that path has not worked too well, you have an ever increasing curiosity about the door. You sense a feeling of peace that lies beyond that door. At the same time, along with that peace lies a fear of the unknown. You open the door and you see an odd combination of light and dark. It is just dark enough to create a sense of uncertainty. However, there is this calming light that is just bright enough to light up the path ahead.

Once you go through that door, you are more than likely not going back to taking that circular journey. You have begun a new journey that moves forward.

That circular hallway represents the journey of indecision that we travel each day. The crossroads represents the point that we come to when we have a decision to make and decide to handle the process on our own, by turning right or left, or walking through that door.

The door represents a different path where you give up control and yield to something much bigger than yourself.

Financial decision making can be very stressful. At the same time, it is one of the greatest opportunities to seek God and allow Him to mold and shape our lives. Of course, that could be said about anything in life as we seek to surrender our life in its entirety. With money, it is a little different. Financial decision making is charged with the gambit of emotion. Remember, it was Christ who said in Matthew 6:24 that money would be the chief competition for God of our lives. So there is no wonder that financial decision making can create the most stress and emotions.

How does God shape us through the decision making process? There are two ways. First, if you are going to go through that door, you have to let go of what you want and accept the unknown of what God, who knows best, wants. To successfully do that will require a lot of growth and a lot of faith. There is a great and exciting side to that uncertainty. What God wants for us is so much more than we could ever imagine. It is on a grander scale than anything we can imagine. No…I am not talking specifically about financial prosperity. Generally speaking, I am talking about the ultimate journey in a prosperous abundant life.

Second, we cease to exist on our own time-table and commit to God’s time table. This is probably the toughest part of it. Wouldn’t you want the creator of the universe organizing your timeline?

I think that we miss incredible opportunities as we attempt to take on the decision making process by ourselves with God in the background to be consulted if (when) we make a mess of things. With God at the helm, we are granted the greatest of all confirmations to move forward with a financial decision – God’s peace. It is dangerous to move forward without it and it is hard to see if you are not completely connected to the source. That is the opportunity that lies on the other side of the door.

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