• Bob Brooks

Dealing with Financial Chaos - Control What Little You Can Control

Sure you knew you had financial problems. Yet, you thought the wolves were back behind you. You thought that the jaws of financial defeat were kept at bay. Yet, you wake up one morning and realize that you were wrong. Reality with all of its options is staring you in the face. The laces are loose. The first shoe is threatening to drop. The financial walls feel like they are caving in on you. What do you do?

Take a deep breath...with Christ there is always Good News. It is up to us to learn it, apply it, and live it.

There is nothing quite like personal financial chaos. It can feel like you are drowning as if you were stuck somewhere in the ocean gasping for breath. You are waiting for someone or something to bail you out and make it go away. After all, that has been your past up until now. Then, you realize that this time you are that someone or something. You are your own life preserver. If you are going to get out, it is up to you and most importantly your dependence on God. It is about and has always been about total dependence on Him. You have depended on many other distractions or short-term solutions that lie beyond the dependence of God. Now you are depending on the one thing that is left. You feel like everything else has been stripped from you. Ironically, even when there were an abundance of distractions and short-term solutions available, there was only one real answer all along. Yep, total dependence on God. Living like the Holy Spirit was truly alive within you. Oftentimes, we live as if that were not true.

You wonder what is God going to teach me? Then realize that this can go a positive direction that impacts you as well as those around you for a lifetime. The transference of learning. What is it that this experience will change not only for your life but how it might impact the lives of others? What kind of God ordained domino effect could this really have? You realize there is a blessing in all of this mess. You start to get your mind right and focused. You place the fear down in its right place. You look to God for answers. You find He gives you answers and opens and shuts doors along the way when you are ready. Today, He gives you this answer:

Control what you can control let go what you can't.

Control, for the most part, is an illusion. What do we really have control over? We really only have control over two things. First, we can work to control our reactions. That is not always easy since reactions are born of habit. Yet, we do possess the ability to control them. Will our reactions be out of fear or out of gratitude for what God is showing us through this thing called life? After all, at the raw core we are still afforded the ability to wake up and step into the batters box and play another day. There are many people whose life was cut short loosing that opportunity. The funny thing about reactions is they involve interpretation. We can interpret things one of two ways. We can interpret either through the eyes of love and God and that connection to His will or separation from God and fear. Everything is an interpretation and you get to decide with every reaction. Will it be interpretation through the eyes of God or through the lens of fear?

Second, every decision is yours to make. You have no control of outcomes, just decisions and reactions. The bonus is that you have a God who loves you and is there to guide you through those decisions and take care of those outcomes in His own perfect timing. Pray and think of where you want to be when these financial problems have resolved themselves, focus on that outcome, hold dearly to it and make those decisions based on the actions that will take you closer to that outcome.

Control what you can control. Depend on God to help and guide you through that process. Let go of all of the rest knowing that you can trust God in the outcomes of life.

I write about all types of topics on the website. I wanted to start a series and address what people are dealing with when it comes to money and how to successfully maneuver through the chaos through the lens of stewardship. If you think that this could help someone, introduce them to the writings by sending them this blog.

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