• Bob Brooks

Should Christians Automatically Trust Christian Businesses?

I know I might catch some grief for this post. However, I want to put it out there and just give people something to think about because I hear so many stories as the one below. A listener sent this into me.

Hi Bob,
This past summer, I was unemployed, had hardly any money, and my A/C was going out (worked about 3-4 hours every other day or so). I only had enough for a service call for diagnosis $95, and was quoted $500 additional to replace the fan motor - in my attic - for my one bedroom condo. I found this company through a Christian Publication that promotes Christian companies. Towards the end of the summer, when unemployment came in, I had enough to fix the problem. At the beginning of the summer, I signed up for assistance with Dallas Co. to help pay my electric bills. They sent a service tech to check out my A/C unit. The technician told me that the "Christian" company overcharged me by 300%. The day AFTER I paid these people to replace my fan motor, the Dallas County contracted A/C service company called me to schedule my FREE unit check up, AND told me that if they would have found ANYTHING wrong with my unit, they would have fixed/replaced the entire unit!!
"Oh, my gosh! What timing," I thought!! When I realized I had been knowingly deceived by these "Christian" business people, needless to say, I was upset! They knew that I had been unemployed, had very little extra money, AND had an illness that caused me to have to give up my job of nine years! On the service ticket, they didn't put how long they were at my house or the part number or price of the replaced fan motor - only the bottom amount of $500+. There's no question I was taken advantage of by people I thought I could trust! Yes, I called the magazine and they asked me to fax or mail an account of the story. The only thing they offered was, "Well, they signed a confession to do an honest job." What are your suggestions? I am going to ask for some of my money back!! Thank you for your time, and God bless your ministry!

There are companies that honor God through the profession of Faith through their businesses. They have something that signifies Christianity in their business name or marketing. I really don't have any problem with that at all. Then there are companies that use God as a marketing tool.

I just want to make one point. Christianity is no reason to automatically grant blanket trust to ANYONE. Trust is earned. You still need to do your research rather than just trust. "Trust, but verify" as Ronald Reagan once famously said.

In every business, there are people who have your best interest at heart and then there are people who have their best interest at heart over your best interest. A Christian business will show you their relationship with Christ through the way they deal with you.

Please keep that in the back of your mind.

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